Prague Summer Cup

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Prague Summer Cup Tournament started in 2004. Now it's one of biggest tournament in Czech Republic. We are very proud of it and we have a lot of returners playing Prague Summer Cup every year. Tournaments is approved by ETBF and is open for registrated and also for unregistrated players.


After a year's pause wins again T.Gross

Winner 6.annual Prague Summer Cup became sufficiently ahead Thomas Gross from Austria. Pawel Bielski from Poland finished second and third place belongs Manuel Mrosek from Germany. Complete results can be found in section RESULTS. On the web, we have already put a lot of photos - click to photo gallery 

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On Saturday was the best Pawel Bielski

Last rund the qualification play on Saturday. The best player the last day was Pawel Bielski from Poland (on photo), who in the final order of qualification ended second. The winner of the qualification of Thomas Gross missed 4 pins. On Saturday afternoon will play two squad quarterfinal. The players played 4 games - in the semifinals followed a total of 24 players. Semifinal is played on Sundays from 10:00.

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In the first place is to change

On Friday, 4 to play the qualifying squad, played in the first squad Michal Včeliš Perfect Game 300.  In the last rund played Thomas Gross (on photo), who with an average of 241 way to first place. On Saturday, play the last 3 qualifying squad and quadrefinal starts from 18:00.

from 01.08.2009 01:36

After the second day we have a new leader

The second day of playing international tournaments Prague Summer Cup has brought change to place. The more than 100 pins leads Filip Kubin (on photo) with the average 234,7. Total score through 1400 should be sufficient to 100% of the TOP 8. On Friday, the play further 4 qualifying squads - watch the results here on the web after each squad.

from 31.07.2009 00:38

Results after day

The first day of the Prague Summer Cup is played. In the first place is Pavel Čermák (on photo) from Czech Republic, who played as a single average over 214 and 34 pins ahead leads before Petr Florík, third place will include Ludek Široký. Complete results after each squad you can find on section Rusults - or click HERE

from 30.07.2009 01:07 annual Prague SC was started

On Wednesday in Prague (bowling centrum Best Zličin) was started Prague Summer Cup. Complete results after each squads can be found HERE

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oil pattern 2009

The Web site is published oil pattern this tournament Prague Summer Cup - HERE

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Prague Summer Cup 2009

In left menu you find all informations about annual Prague Summer Cup in Best Bowling centrum - Prague 5 Zličín from 29.7. to 2.8.2009

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Winner is Steve Gastmans

5th annual Prague Summer Cup has finished, winner is Steve Gastmans from Belgium, 2nd Mike Machnig from Germany and 3th Sergejevas Kristijonas from Lithuania. Results you find on Results section and for photo you click to Photo Gallery section. 

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Add to new squad

New squad - on Friday from 9:15 - for registration click to on-line reservation

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HOT Results

02.08.2009 17:02 place  - T.Gross

2.nd place - P.Bielski

3.rd place - M.Mrosek

Summer Cup 2009

29.05.2009 17:51

from 29.7. to 2.8.2009

see you in Prague